“We need to reframe the conversation” LA County Sheriff Candidate Bob Lindsey

The implementation and reversal of the law from illegal to legal is creating dynamic opportunities yes; but significant challenges as well. Meet Sheriff Candidate Bob Lindsey… Radio inteview from Americaoutloud.com original link: http://americaoutloud.com/need-reframe-conversation-la-county-sheriff-candidate-bob-lindsey/

Despite assurances to nervous immigrants, Sheriff’s Department gave ICE assistance in jails

Since President Trump laid out his plan for mass deportations, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has gone out of its way to reassure the public it had strict limits on cooperating with immigration officials. As the president and others demanded, among other things, that local police work closely with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers to hand over jail inmates …

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Watchdog says L.A. Sheriff’s Department collects flawed data, reports inaccurate statistics

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department uses flawed methods to collect data about violence in county jails that result in unreliable and in some cases inaccurate statistics published internally and in public reports, according to the agency’s principal watchdog. Inspector General Max Huntsman said his 17-page report, released Tuesday, calls into question whether the department “is in control of itself” …

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05. June Election Date

05. June Election Date

May 29. Mail-in Ballot Request Deadline

Mail-in Ballot Request Deadline. (Additional info)

21. May Voter Registration deadline

21. May is the Voter Registration deadline.