Organizations and Unions

  • AFSCME District Council 36
  • AFSCME District Council 1083
  • AFSCME District Council 119
  • AFSCME Local 2712 - LA County Psychiatric Social Workers
  • American Chinese Woman’s Association
  • American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)
  • California Minority Alliance
  • East L.A. Korean American Federation
  • East L.A. Korean American Senior Corporation
  • East L.A. Korean American Groceries Association
  • East L.A. Korean American Real Estate Association
  • East L.A. Korean American Sport Association
  • East L.A. Korean American Community Sports Association
  • EDI Media INC
  • Korean American Sheriff's Association
  • New Frontier Democratic Club
  • PAAC: Parole Agents Association of California


  • Albert Harrington - NBA Player (Ret.)
  • Eddie Money, Rock Artist
  • Fabio Lanzoni, Model, Activist, Spokesperson
  • Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Paul Vallely, U.S. Army, military analyst, Activist
  • Super Sako, Rap Mogul
  • Yura Movsisyan, Professional Soccer Player

Personal Endorsements

  • Jackie Ventures, Former Compton City Councilwoman
  • Judi Neal – Mountain View Republicans Club
  • Linda Sarver, Former Mayor City of Covina
  • Mel Jones Former Deputy Union Presidents (ALADS)
  • Bishop Noel Jones - City of Refuge
  • Roy Burns, Former Deputy Union Presidents (ALADS)
  • Steve Remige, Former Deputy Union Presidents (ALADS)


AFSCME Local 36

"AFSCME District Council 36 is honored to endorse the only candidate that can rectify the internal and external failures of the LA County Sheriff Department. With a unanimous vote, we have put our support behind Bob Lindsey who will repair community relations, enforce the law with responsibility and dignity for all who live in this County, and ensure the men and women of LASD have the resources and leadership to serve the public. Bob Lindsey for Los Angeles County Sheriff!"


"Bishop Noel Jones of the City of Refuge and our community, are always seeking to ensure that we are in position to align our influence with the most beneficial and relevant figures and issues of the moment. We believe that Bob Lindsey will genuinely lead the LA County Sheriff Department with grace, honor, and dignity.

It is our pleasure to support this man of faith. God bless and strengthen you all for the journey ahead."

--Bishop Noel Jones of the City of Refuge

We need someone who can restore moral, professionalism and the respect deserving of the great LASD. Bob Lindsey is the one who will do all these things and even more to help keep you safe. Please vote for Bob Lindsey as your Los Angeles Sheriff.

Daniel Carr

I endorse Bob Lindsey for L.A. County Sheriff!

Arthur Beltran Jr.

I have known Bob for over 25 years and I worked at LASD for 35 years. The LASD is broken and Bob has the desire, heart and skill to fix it. Vote Bob Lindsey for Sheriff.

John B. Powell

The moment is now. Los Angeles is in dire need of a LEADER who is TRUE, HONEST and COMPASSIONATE. A Sheriff who will UPHOLD and DEFEND our Constitution without any form of reservation. A Person who is from the community that genuinely cares about the LASD in general and our City in particular. Mr. Bob Lindsey embodies all of these and more.

Voltaire Lambino

I 💯 endorse Bob Lindsey for LA county sheriff.  I've known Bob for some time now and see him to be a very trustworthy, honest, and loyal person.  I can't imagine anyone better for the position quite honestly.  He is the type of person that will take his job very seriously and will make decisions based on integrity and not on his emotions or what people want.  I'm behind this man no doubt!

Lusine Galadjian

When I listen to Bob speak and I look around The county, I can see the results of the current Sherriff. When I hear what Bob says needs to Be fixed and how to fix it the two line up. If we continue the path this county is on with homelessness and crime, the largest county in this country will be a safe haven for criminal and A danger zone for law abiding families. With Bobs experience and commitment to the current Deputies and our county it gives me and my family hope. Hope to continue to live here and not leave The county or state for a better quality of life. Without a safe city or county we have absolutely nothing nothing to give my adult children or future grandchildren  When I vote for Bob Lindsey , I vote for all families in  this county and the city of  Newhall. God Bless Bob and his Family now and in the future.

Quin Quinteros 

I know Bob Lindsey personally, he was my former Supervisor. He is a man of integrity, experienced (32 years LASD) and sincere in his efforts to bring Integrity and respectability back to LASD. Let's get the politics out of the  office of Sheriff, and return to the people Los Angeles County the best Law Enforcement in the world. Vote Bob Lindsey for Sheriff and return LASD TO INTEGRITY AND DIGNITY on June 5th.


A great leader with proven record, compassionate, well known in all communities, God Fearing, new vision to revive the LASD. 

Shaykh Qazi Asad

I, Alexander Garcia, a member of Firearms Policy Coalition, and the California Rifle Pistol Association officially endorse Bob Lindsey For Los Angeles County Sheriff. I have a firm belief that Mr. Lindsey will effectively restore the utterly destroyed morale within the LASD, that has been caused by the corrupt McDonnell  administration, as well as restoring 2nd Amendment rights to the law abiding citizens residing in los angeles and its surrounding cities that wish to apply for a CCW license using self-defense as the good cause statement. With Sheriff Bob Lindsey in office, we will see Los Angeles become a shall-issue county. Mr. Lindsey is a man of honor,compassion,  integrity, vision, but most importantly, a man of faith and a firm believer in Christ. 

Alexander Garcia

As a veteran and as a citizen of LA County I endorse Bob Lindsey

Christopher Trejo

LA County deputies need Bob. The residents of LA County need Bob. I know that Bob will take the politics out of law enforcement. Bob for LA County Sheriff 2018!

Andrew De Bondt

Bob Lindsey understands the true purpose of law enforcement in the community. 

Harry Kazakian

Bob Lindsey stands for progress, safety, and police accountability. He will bring policing to the areas that need it the most and cut crime in a big way. His focus on the inner city will improve our impoverished areas greatly. A vote for Bob Lindsey is a vote against corruption, political policing, and the status que. 

Jim Fraley

I Mike Tadevossian Endorse Bob Lindsey for Sheriff !!!! And only Bob Lindsey

Michael Tadevossian

I support you Sir 100%

Michael Coberg

We endorse Mr. Bob Lindsey and trust that he will do what's right for Los Angeles County.

Jason Chu

I am enthusiastically endorsing Bob Lindsey for Sheriff of LA County based primarily on his stated position in support of "shall issue" for concealed carry permits in LA County.  We desperately need sensible policy from law enforcement in LA County regarding gun ownership and CCWs that respects the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners and allocates law enforcement resources more appropriately to their primary intended purpose - apprehending criminals. LA County needs and deserves a Sheriff  who is focused on law enforcement rather than political agendas, and we should look to the remarkable success and decrease in all violent crime statistics in Orange County as an example of the significant benefits which can be attributable to an increase in responsible gun ownership and CCW permit-holders as a direct result of OC's "shall issue" policy.

Ray Lyman

I've known Bob for over 40 years.  He was. Sergeant when I first me him, and I knew him as a lieutenant, Captain and when he retired as an Area Commander. When I think of Bob, many words come to mind: honesty, integrity, courage and even 40 years ago, wisdom.  At every rank Bob was tested by forces that all of us are tested by in our careers.  People with agendas, dishonest and occasionally corrupt individuals, egotistical personalities and worse.  Bob was always the best listener, the most empathetic, displayed the highest integrity and made everyone in a situation feel as if they were understood and heard.  When the bold, tough decisions had to be made, Bob was not fearful of doing the right thing. Bob doesn't see peoples skin color, he sees the content of their character. I am indebted to Bob because of his courage and skillful handling of a personnel issue where EVERYONE was against me.  Bob listened, allowed me to present my case and the facts I had with me and then he went off for a few weeks and investigated all positions.  When he was ready to make his findings and recommendations known, most in his chain of command tried to shut him down.  But he prevailed when it wasn't easy and did something very few managers in any organization are willing to do: go over the heads of their boss, not once but three ranks higher. As a result the department found in my favor against all odds.  Remarkable. Now Bob and I saw each other outside of work one time that I can recall, to play golf. So we are not close friends or radio car partners or anything of the sort.  I don't have the privilege of knowing his family or friends.  Bob will make a great Sheriff hopefully something way closer to the iconic Sheriff Sherman Block.  Sheriff Block was a strong man with an incredible intellect and a true north rudder.  He ALWAYS made decisions with input and counsel, but when he had to stand alone, he would.  He was an extremely ethical man and a man who cared about all of his constituents, not just the weak ones or the politically powerful. But Bob knows what's really wrong with the Sheriff's Department these days post Leroy Baca and that corrupt and sad era from which the current Sheriff has been unable to recover from.  Sheriff McDonnell is a NICE man, but he doesn't know where the skeletons are buried and he doesn't know who to put faith in and trust to carry out his policies so he's made some poor choices and has been largely ineffective during his terms.  The Department needs leadership and experience from the Department because the learning curve in a $2 billion dollar a year organization is steep and McDonnell cannot climb it.  From the mess in the jails to the homeless and mental health problems to recruiting, wherever you look, there's problems galore.  Because Bob was in charge of recruiting he know where and how and when to apply the standards necessary to get the best and the brightest of the next generation to apply and become deputies.  He knows the entire criminal justice system inside and out and he knows how to lead and harness the strengths of the people who toil there daily to serve this diverse and troubled county. He knows how to rally people and bring people together to solve problems. The current Sheriff may not really be totally aware of what the problems even are, as he's demonstrated these past few years by the lack of results and some of the people he's placed in high positions.  Those folks listen to the current Sheriff and then go do what serves their best selfish interests which are very often of little resemblance to what is right or what is in the best interests of justice for all. Bob will be a good steward of the public trust and the taxpayer. He will find efficiencies if they are to be found. He will always have the best interests of those who live in this county and have been victims of gangs, cartels and human traffickers. Bob will be in ALL of the neighborhoods patrolled by the LASD, from the wealthiest to those that literally have nothing but their hard work and pride. Bob will be a strong Sheriff, a throwback to the elected leaders you remember from your history books.  Please tell your neighbors, family and friends and all who can vote in June that Bob Lindsey needs their vote and will always have their back.

Jake Katz1